Scooter For Delivery Order

Dominos Pizza operates 15,000 motorscooters worldwide -- concentrated mainly in Mexico, UK, Holland, Turkey, Greece, France, Carribean Islands and Korea, according to Oxygen's co-founder and director of marketing, Raffaello Locatelli.

Back in January of this year, we talked to Oxygen's North American spokesman, Robert Kanode about this project. Now, Locatelli has sent EV World nearly a dozen photographs from the grand opening of one of Domino's newest outlets in Holland. We've published four of the here.

What's different about this take-out pizzaria is that its delivery scooters are electric powered instead of noisy, smelly gasoline models, which entitles the pizza chain special licensing preferences in The Netherlands when opening a new outlet.

Locatelli tells EV World that the customized Oxygen scooters, which are built in Italy, have a range of 75-100km (45-60 mi.) on a charge. To reduce driver accidents, the top speed of each scooter has been reduced to 45kph (30 mph). Because they aren't fueled by gasoline, they can be stored indoors at night and don't require a separate storage facility.

Each scooter carries an insulated cargo box to keep pizzas warm and are rolling billboards for Dominos. They also enable the company to show considerable improvement in their "Sustainability Annual Report".

Perhaps best of all, in addition to the conventional bell for warning pedestrians and other drivers, the virtually silent scooters are also programmed to play Dominos' musical jingle, something the gasoline scooters will never be able to do.

Originally Published: October 08, 2004

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