Police And Scooter In Their Duties

New York Police have found a way to help save the planet and perhaps sneak up on bad guys at the same time: an all-electric, ultra-quiet scooter,

The New York Police Department will begin road testing four of the plug-in Vectrix scooters early next month

The 36,000-officer NYPD has been looking for ways to retool its massive motor fleet to guzzle less gas and inflict less harm on the environment. A handful of NYPD hybrid cars and so-called flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on both gasoline and ethanol, are already on the road.

Vectrix recently approached several big city police departments with the sleek, two-wheel scooters, but the NYPD was the first to take a serious look, said Andrew MacGowen, president of the Rhode Island-based company.

MacGowen said the Vectrix scooters, assembled in Poland, are the first all-electric vehicles to be government-certified to travel on any highway, street or road.

The Vectrix, which has a battery pack, is heavier than the Piaggio, but with a top speed of more than 60 mph, it’s nearly as fast. And riders cruise past the fuel pump: The scooters can be recharged simply by plugging into a standard outlet for two hours. MacGowen said recharging costs a fraction of refueling , a savings he says would quickly cover the difference in price with Piaggios, which cost the NYPD about half as much.

The Vectrix can only travel 40 to 60 miles per charge, but police officials said they may be willing to sacrifice some range for zero emissions. Plus, the scooters would have the dual benefit of “reducing air pollution and noise pollution,” said Robert Martinez, the NYPD fleet director.”

This post is originally published in December 2007.


Scooter For Delivery Order

Dominos Pizza operates 15,000 motorscooters worldwide -- concentrated mainly in Mexico, UK, Holland, Turkey, Greece, France, Carribean Islands and Korea, according to Oxygen's co-founder and director of marketing, Raffaello Locatelli.

Back in January of this year, we talked to Oxygen's North American spokesman, Robert Kanode about this project. Now, Locatelli has sent EV World nearly a dozen photographs from the grand opening of one of Domino's newest outlets in Holland. We've published four of the here.

What's different about this take-out pizzaria is that its delivery scooters are electric powered instead of noisy, smelly gasoline models, which entitles the pizza chain special licensing preferences in The Netherlands when opening a new outlet.

Locatelli tells EV World that the customized Oxygen scooters, which are built in Italy, have a range of 75-100km (45-60 mi.) on a charge. To reduce driver accidents, the top speed of each scooter has been reduced to 45kph (30 mph). Because they aren't fueled by gasoline, they can be stored indoors at night and don't require a separate storage facility.

Each scooter carries an insulated cargo box to keep pizzas warm and are rolling billboards for Dominos. They also enable the company to show considerable improvement in their "Sustainability Annual Report".

Perhaps best of all, in addition to the conventional bell for warning pedestrians and other drivers, the virtually silent scooters are also programmed to play Dominos' musical jingle, something the gasoline scooters will never be able to do.

Originally Published: October 08, 2004


Phantom F12R (Ducati Team)

Australian Moto GP driver, Casey Stoner, rides Phantom F12R Ducati Team scooter with his wife after clinching pole position at Moto GP of Catalunca, Barcelona on June 7, 2008.
This 50 cc Scooter is presented by Malaguti, who claimed that Pantom F12R is unique, strong and aggressive. Available in air and liquid cooled, and combines the famous red and white graphics on the fairing like Stoner motorbikes
Dedicated especially to the worldchampion Casey Stoner for the paddock vehicles and in common is dedicated to young people who in love with the Ducati MotoGP and Superbike motorcycle racing team


Women Scooterist

Mrs. Mimin Weliana (52) is hard scooter lover. When she was young, she was famous as a road racer in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia, his origin town. The soul as biker is embedding till now. She have gone surrounding Indonesia and South East Asia.
The adventure was began in 2004. She have made her first journey surrounding Indonesia. Then, the second journey is made in 2005. The route is Tasikmalaya, Batam (Indonesia), Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, and Vietnam. At this moment, she was ordered by Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, The Indonesian President to promote Indonesian tourism in the country that she was through.
Next, the spectacular journey will make in 2009 . She will make a pill grime to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, usually called as hajji, one of the Moslem obligation. This plan is getting support again from Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, The Indonesian President. She have meet him, and he will give financial support to realizing her plan. She is preparing the route of her journey. She will go back Indonesia by air plane and leave her lovely vespa in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Honda Beat Scooter Matic

This post is aim to get comparatives between Honda Beat and Honda Vario. you can see vario specification in the previous post. and now, you can see the specification of honda beat scooter matic:
  1. Product Name : Beat (indonesia)
  2. Producer : Honda
  3. Machine : 108 cc
  4. Transmission : Automatic
  5. Dimension : 1,859 mm x 876 mm x 1,053 mm
  6. Empty Weight : 89.3 kg
  7. Oil Machine Capacity : 0.7 L
  8. Fuel Capacity : 3.5 L
  9. Front braking system : Hydraulic Single Disc
  10. Rear braking system : Drum
  11. Maximum Power : 8,22 PS / 8.000 rpm
  12. Maximum Torsion : 0,85 kgf.m / 5.500 rpm
  13. Price (new 2008) :Rp. 12,250,000


Honda Vario Scooter Matic

Few days ago, my friend, Roni Sianturi, ask to me about comparative between honda vario and honda beat. As we know, both are scooter matic product name which produce by Honda (name is different in other countries). In this post, previously, i try to provide brief specification of the honda vario scooter matic, that you can see bellow:
  1. Product Name : Vario
  2. Producer : Honda
  3. Machine : 108 cc
  4. Transmission : Automatic
  5. Dimension : 1,897 mm x 680 mm x 1,083 mm
  6. Empty Weight : 99.9 kg (spoke type)
    99.3 kg (CW type)
  7. Oil Machine Capacity : 0.7 L
  8. Fuel Capacity : 3.6 L
  9. Front braking system : Hydraulic Double Disc
  10. Rear braking system : Drum
  11. Maximum Power : 8.99 PS / 8,000 rpm
  12. Maximum Torsion : 0.86 kgf.m / 6,500 RPM
  13. Price (new 2008) : CW Type => Rp. 14,350,000 , Spoke Type => Rp. 13,150,000


Yamaha Mio Price List

My pal, name is rangga, send me a message in mobile phone. He request to me to explain about the price of yamaha mio, both the new or the secondhand. I reply his message, said that i will answer in this blog. Because, i think i can explain in blog, more completely and more clearly, than using short message service. And maybe it will be useful for the others who need same information.
The new one* :
  1. Yamaha Mio : Rp. 10,965,000
  2. Yamaha Mio - CW : Rp. 11,830,000
  3. Yamah Mio Soul : Rp. 12,720,000
  4. Yamaha Mio Garnish : Rp. 12,030,000
  5. Yamaha Mio Aero : Rp. 12,430,000
  6. Yamaha Mio Stylish : Rp. 13,070,000
  7. Yamaha Mio Sporty : Rp. 13,270,000
*based on Bussan Auto Finance price list per July 1, 2008

The secondhand* :
  1. Yamaha Mio 07 : Rp. 8,500,000
  2. Yamaha Mio 06 : Rp. 8,250,000
  3. Yamaha Mio 05 : Rp. 8,100,000
  4. Yamaha Mio Sporty 06/07 : Rp. 9,000,000
  5. Yamaha Mio Soul 07 : Rp. 11,000,000
  6. Yamaha Mio Soul 08 : Rp. 11,500,000
*based on data which I collect from newspaper and other information, the price is depend on the physical condition of the bike.